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Our Story

Fit Whitt It was created in December 2016, beginning as a food blog taking on a life of its own to help women on their journey’s of leading a healthier life.

Fit Whitt It will assist women in creating better self-care routines which encompass physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness. There are so many companies out there that market products specifically to women that supposedly treat their flaws. Fit Whitt It aims to combat the current culture of self-esteem bashing within the fitness and weight loss industry that these products might promote. Fit Whitt It is taking into account the whole person and building healthy habits towards normalizing self-care.


Our Mission

Fit Whitt It leads in providing exceptional services that focus on wholesome, people centric, nutrition and fitness.

Fit Whitt It offers nutrition, self-care, and motivation assistance for those who need it. Fit Whitt It will transform lives by changing our clients' mental and emotional barriers into personal challenges they can overcome to strengthen and build better self-care practices.

Our Team

Meet the people behind Fit Whitt It:


Whittney Smith

Founder & CEO

Trusted by Our Clients

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“Whitt was very professional with her delivery. I asked for a consult on healthy eating. She arrived at my home promptly, we discuss all the types of food I eat and ways to adjust my eating. The most helpful and essential part of our meeting is when she took a few items from my cabinet and displayed how much I should eat in one serving. Excellent experience!”

“Whittney was so helpful! She assessed my groceries, and gave me great pointers. Cannot wait to start my journey.”

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