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Fit Whitt It leads in providing exceptional services that focus on holistic, people centric, nutrition and fitness.

Inclusive, wholistic, culturally empowering. You belong.

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Fit Whitt It was created in December 2016. Beginning as a food blog and taking on a life of its own to educate others on leading holistically healthier, happier lives.

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Personal, school, community, & corporate options mean there's something for everyone.

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See what our clients are saying about their experience with Fit Whitt It.

She is amazing! She has taught me the importance of not only making better choices when it comes to meals but the importance of self care. She’s so empowering and overall a day of sunshine.


Whitt was very professional with her delivery. I asked for a grocery list so that I am able to meal prep. She made sure to have everything fully scheduled and ready to go, we started on time and we discussed all the types of food that I eat and ways to help me make sure I am consuming more meals. The most helpful tip was when she displayed how much I should eat in one serving. I am excited, and beyond grateful! Thanks for taking out the time to help a sista out !! #Fittwhittit


Highly recommend Fit Whitt It!! I did Whitt’s 29 day, Running for My Life challenge, and I must say it changed my life. All the support and motivation and knowledge that came from both Whittney and other participants really helped me to keep exercising everyday. Daily check in the group chat made working out enjoyable. The challenge was fun and well coordinated. Plus I lost 10lbs 💪🏽❤️


On "Oh, So Selfish: Educational E-Workbook and Journal" - I loved it!!! I loved the structure of it and honestly the first time I did it time flew by. I was doing talk to text and I was talking for almost an hour! I guess I had a lot on my mind that I wasn’t aware of! It was also really validating of the things that I already do for self-care but it also made me realize that I don’t really talk about my problems because I am home alone most of the week!


On the Fit Whitt It Workshop Series: Whittney is very interactive and made the conversations funny. It felt as if I we were all best friends having a regular conversation :).


I appreciated the Running for My Life #2020 Challenge. It definitely motivated me to get moving daily and the support within the group was amazing!


I participated in and enjoyed the Running for My Life #2020 Challenge! I was motivated and encouraged to remain active throughout the challenge which was a plus for me! Most importantly, I was able to hold myself accountable to the end! I love how easy the journal is to write in. On my self-journey, it couples as an outlet after verbally discussing my feelings. I can refer back to it over time, to make sense of my progression.


On Oh, So Selfish: Educational E-Workbook and Journal - Hey Hey!! It’s been really good! I’ve always struggled with writing out things because I was never confident in my writing due to my lack of vocabulary. Using the journal motivated me to just write down something, anything. Especially, with the questions being asked!! Starting my workout journey and journal journey together has benefitted me!!! I genuinely appreciate you for taking your time to deliver something useful and it’s easier because it’s right on my phone, I write in it at any moment 💕💕💕💕.

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The Running for My Life #2020 Challenge with Fit Whitt It was such a good idea during this time! It helped me to keep moving and stay active. I started off slow with her 15 minute challenge and as time went by I increased my workout to an hour. This challenge definitely motivated me to start a workout regimen! Thanks Whitt 💕


Just finished my workout with Fit Whitt It! Had a fun time and worked up a great sweat at home!


On "Oh, So Selfish: Educational E-Workbook and Journal" - I read the book and it was amazing. I was filling it out and I’m excited to find out new things about myself. I love putting me first. I’m going to print out the copy that I bought for my daughter so that she can complete it!


I took part in a Fit Whitt It challenge, she is very encouraging and communicated within minutes of questions. During the challenge she gave excellent advice about healthy eating and ways to make the change very manageable. Not only does she know her stuff about physical health and dieting but also about mental wellness. She has awesome advice on self care and making sure you do it at your own pace and comfort level. Trust in Fit Whitt It you will be in the best of hands!


Getting your mind and your body to be on the same accord for working out and getting into shape is honestly one of the most daunting experiences...well at least it was for me. But after having done the Fit Whitt It workout classes with Whittney, that daunting feeling vanished like it was never there. First off Whittney‘s easy going and welcoming persona put me at ease right away. The first set of exercises always starts off at a very steady pace, but one that still gives you a sweat and builds from there. I always find myself enjoying the build up of the reps for each exercise. The music and Whittney's encouraging words also had something to do with it. By the end of the session I feel accomplished. My mind and body always feel in sync whenever I'm done with a Fit Whitt It session! Whittney is great and so are these sessions.